Announcement regarding the future activities of Matsumoto Hitoshi

This is the statement regarding our affiliated talent, Hitoshi Matsumoto, in response to recent developments and media coverage.

We extend our sincere apologies for any inconvenience and concern caused by the various reports circulating since December 27th, impacting not only the involved parties but also our dedicated supporters.

As previously stated in our comments, our understanding of the articles published in a weekly magazine on the aforementioned date remains consistent.

In light of continued inquiries and media coverage affecting all related parties, Matsumoto has expressed his strong desire to focus on the legal proceedings to address and confront the various articles. He emphasized that continuing his activities would not only further inconvenience many stakeholders and co-stars, but also hinder his ability to dedicate full effort to comedy, prompting his decision to temporarily suspend activities.

In consideration of the complex circumstances and out of respect for Matsumoto's wishes, we have made the decision to support the temporary suspension of his activities.

We acknowledge the challenges and inconveniences this abrupt decision may cause to broadcasters and all involved parties. We appreciate your understanding during this period.

To the loyal fans eagerly anticipating Matsumoto's appearances, we extend our heartfelt apologies for any additional concerns caused. We sincerely hope for your patience and understanding as we await the day when Hitoshi Matsumoto of Downtown resumes his activities.