Making Robots To Make You Smile

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YOSHIMOTO ROBOTICS LABORATORY is Creative Company that designed robots UX. Yoshimoto Kogyo as 100 years over of history in Japan, it is a comedien agency company, its very popular. We are profesionnal of entertaiment. The robot UX design has an happy human face to make people happy.

Robot UX Design

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The UX design makes people smile by breathing life into technology.

WORKS | 制作実績

SoftBank Group Corp.

Pepper for Biz

Pepper for Biz allows you to make your own Business Peppers that can receive customers, and introduce products. We developed the Contents Management System, the official Pepper solution, for Softbank.

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd

Self driving App

Using Pepper’s sensor capabilities we created a app for NISSAN that can emulate their car’s self driving features. We have also created a conversation and quiz app for the car.

SoftBank Group Corp.

Mobile phone shop operated only by Pepper

Using several Pepper units, we created and demonstrated the functionality of a mobile phone shop run solely by Pepper.


Grandson Pepper

Grandson Pepper uses an app to run group recreation activities at an elderly care facility. This joint project with GAKKEN (Education company) has been adopted as a priority project of the Sagami robot industry zones of the Kanagawa Prefecture.


  • Nakano Toshinari

    Chief Planner

    Nakano Toshinari

    Mr. Nakano provides the concept, contents, and character for Pepper. He has already presented our robot on many famous Japanese TV shows and in various other places. In the past, he has worked as a script editor for several Japanese Dramas, directed music events, worked on several magazine projects, and appeared in theaters.
  • Takahashi Masato

    Chief Creator

    Takahashi Masato

    Mr. Takahashi is a Technical Creator who works on the application design and implementation for Pepper. His company Bye Bye World is a group that specializes in merging technology with entertainment. They have created several robots such as the life-seize clapping machine, Ondz, the “smart” clapping robot, BiClappy, and the one-handed character toy, Pachi Pachi Clappy.
  • Sudo Mitsuaki

    Chief Designer

    Sudo Mitsuaki

    Mr. Sudo works on Pepper’s services, software, interaction design, and user interface to create an enjoyable relationship between humans and robots. He has experience as a technical designer for Bye Bye World.



Please feel free to contact us at if you are interested or if you want more information regarding the Robot UX.


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